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    BMPCC at Gran Canaria : a trail running session !

    BMPCC | Showcasing 21 Apr 2014
    First video w/ my Pocket. I've shooted it with a Panasonic 14mm + Kinotehnik + Gorilla grip (very useful while running at the same time) and edited it with Premiere Pro & Speedgrade CC + Film Convert. You can watch it here : *https://vimeo.com/92535140 Feel free to comment it ! Thx
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    Nvidia GTX 780 6GB RAM

    Tech Talk 14 Apr 2014
    Using Resolve (full) on a Windows PC and looking to upgrade GPU for use with 4K material on Resolve. The Nvidia GTX 780 (not 780i) with 6GB VRAM is about to be released. Is this a better choice of GPU than the older GTX 690 with 4GB VRAM for 4K work with some noise reduction?  Does the 690's...
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    Power Solution? (ILED NP-F Battery)

    Accessories 12 Apr 2014
    Hi! Does anyone know about this?   http://www.amazon.co...rds=f&v battery
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    Factor de conversión en Blackmagic Production Camera

    Español General 08 Apr 2014
    Hola a todos. Antes que nada agradecer vuestra gran ayuda. Tengo una duda en cuanto al factor de conversión. Mi intención es adquirir un juego de lentes Zeiss CP2, o quizá de Canon CN.  Tengo información contradictoria, hay gente que me comenta que el factor de conversión es siempre x 1.7, o...
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    4k 2x Anamorphic Grabs

    Production Camera 4K 07 Apr 2014
    I thought it would be fun to try out the BMPC 4K with some 2x anamorphic lenses (my favourite way to get a cinematic look back into a digital camera) on the way home Friday night, and then at the circus with the kids on Sunday. Previously only the Red Epics and Alexa 4:3 sensor cameras allowed fo...
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    Recommend cage for BMCC?

    Accessories 02 Apr 2014
    One of my friends has suggested me following cages for BMCC. Has anyone used or has the Camtree cage for BMCC? Camtree Hunt BMCC    Pro cage Sleek Cage Slim cage Please suggest that cage which securely protect my camera or can also recommend other brand cage which would be best for BMCC...
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    Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4K & Cinema Camer...

    BMCC 2.5K | Showcasing 25 Mar 2014
    Hey Everyone,   Check out our Director’s Showreel that consist of our latest work filmed with Blackmagic Design’s Cinema and Production Camera...   Samtubia And Samgoma Edwards: Director ReeL Vol.1 https://vimeo.com/89984140   Camera: Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera 2.5K EF Mount...
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    Ingest footage directly to Resolve?

    Post Workflow 25 Mar 2014
    Should I ingest my footage directly to Resolve from my BMPCC? If I save footage to my computer first and then import to Resolve, will it degrade in anyway? thanks
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    color grade first? or edit first? BMPCC

    Post Workflow 25 Mar 2014
    I am a newbie with editing and color correction/grading and need some help.  I have been filming with a BMPCC in pro res.  I have adobe pro premiere cs6, after effects cs6, final cut pro x and Davinci resolve light.  I am ready to edit and color adjust my footage but i don't know i...
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    We specialize in selling digital cinema style lenses

    Lenses 24 Mar 2014
    With this first post we would like to introduce ourselves. FJS International (http://www.fjsinternational.com) is a major worldwide dealer and broker in the video and  cinema market place. We specialize in selling digital cinema style lenses and cameras as well as support gear.   We are...
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    A camera in my Pocket

    BMPCC | Showcasing 23 Mar 2014
    Hey Guys, Would love to know what you guys think of my latest video I put up today.  I definitely know that I need a variable ND, its just such a small filter size.  http://vimeo.com/89843173
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    Ultrastudio SDI usb 3.0 y AV OUTPUT en FCPX

    Español General 20 Mar 2014
    Hola a todos y enhorabuena por el foro, es mi primer post. Mi problema es que he adquirido una Ultrastudio SDI usb 3.0 y tengo los drivers beta 9.7.9 instalados en Mavericks. El caso es que la salida de video de FCPX solo me deja ver NTSC (720x486) y no me da opción de elegir otra resolución. La...
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    Touchscreen not working?!

    Cinema Camera 2.5K 15 Mar 2014
    What the hell happened with touchscreen. Our BMCC is new (bought in November 2013), we already runned some test and everything was perfect. Yesterday suddenly the touchscreen blocked somehow and we can't click anything. Anybody knows something about that? Please help!
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    Art Short Film by William Eguienta

    BMPCC | Showcasing 14 Mar 2014
    hi guys, here is my very first film with my bmpcc. It was shot on raw and prores, compositing and 3D on Nuke, Maya and Houdini. What you think of it ? all comments are welcome (positive or not) thanks the movie
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    Bower Canon EOS to MFT adapter for BMPCC

    BMPCC | Lenses 13 Mar 2014
    Does anyone have any experience using the Bower Canon EOS to MFT adapter on the BMPCC?
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    Best hardware configuration for teranex

    Hardware 11 Mar 2014
    I know this is maybe a question for blackmagic official forum but they have some kind of problem with registration process and sending activation key. I hope this topic will be suitable for here too. We are trying to build a computer that is compatible with Teranex and Blackmagic DeckLink recorde...
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    PL Lenses

    Production Camera 4K 07 Mar 2014
    Does someone know's how is this situation right now? We can already use PL Lens at the BM4K? 
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    Lens kit for BMCC MFT 2.5K

    Lenses 06 Mar 2014
    Hi, I am new to this forum and my situation is this.  I have a 2.5K BMCC with MFT Mount. (No EF discussions please in this thread.) I own the following lenses SLRMagic 17mm T1.6 SLRMagic 35mm T1.4 Now I am thinking about buying the other two lenses as well (The 12mm and 25 mm from SLRMagic)...
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    Video conferencing solution that works with Blackmagic Ul...

    Hardware 05 Mar 2014
    Hi,I read a lot of posts on this forum concerning video conferencing software and how it works (not) nicely together wit Blackmagic UltraStudio Express (Mac).We are currently using Skype which is working perfectly to show one of our TV-studio camera's (connected to Blackmagic switch an...
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    Dog Rescue - mixing GoPro and BMCC

    Showcasing 28 Feb 2014
    Just finished this dog shampoo video I shot at a dog rescue. https://vimeo.com/87288505I'm really happy with the last helicopter shot, but a week after I shot this I broke the gimbal by trying to change the pitch in that BGC controller software : \
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