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    Basics - Importing Cinema DNG Files into Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

    CS6 Adobe Cinema DNG CS5.5 Proxies RAW After Effects

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    #1 BlackmagicUser

    Posted 05 September 2012 - 12:04 PM

    In this video we learn the process of importing Cinema DNG files into Adobe Premiere CS6.

    The files used in this video are from the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, but this workaround should work for any DNG file.

    Run time 9 mins

    CS5.5 Cinema DNG importer:


    Feature Request Form:


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    #2 BlackmagicUser

    Posted 06 September 2012 - 09:07 AM

    Some worried faces last night when this was tweeted. Just some points briefly that may quell any questions:
    • Premiere's import converts 12bit linear RAW to 8-bit gamma encoded and results in a dynamic range similar to 12-bit raw.
    • Adobe After Effects can processs 16bit but Pr has to convert to 8 bits, at the moment. Not really important as you'll be using Resolve.
    • Pr processes dng as 32-bit before converting into its work space.
    • If you run CS5.5 you may find this useful - http://labs.adobe.co.../cinemadng.html
    • In CS6 you may have to use Resolve to create ProRes or DNxHD proxies and then reconform. And you'll see a tutorial on the use of proxies in our Tutorials section here - http://www.blackmagi...w/#.UEhnNaBEPTo
    This is a matter for Adobe essentially but I can't see them not making allowances for this in time.

    If you have any information or questions please try and keep comms here in the thread as information exhanged on Twitter will only sink and die, helping only a handful of users. Here it would help a great deal more.

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